Sunday, September 17, 2017

September 11, 2017

Hello everyone,

This has been a pretty good week. We were able to go on exchanges. That is always fun to be able to go on exchanges with other missionaries and get to know them. I went with Elder Brown. He is from Ohio. It was a fun exchange. We were able to hit the bikes and talk with a lot of people. We were able to send off a lot of referrals which was cool because I always like getting referrals. But not a whole lot of craziness happened while we were on exchanges. We were just able to get to know each other and become better Missionaries. 

Then I got to go on a spilt with one of my former companions Elder Pearson. It was fun to be able to be with him. We were helping out the hermanas (sister missionaries) in there area. They are in the Spanish ward, it was kind of hard to talk with them because neither of us can speak Spanish. But it is all right because Heavenly Father made up the difference. 

Then we have been working with this guy named Edward. He wants to get baptized but he has just been out of town for the last few weeks. So it's been hard to meet with him. He had a baptismal date for September 16, but we had to take him off because we haven't been able to stay in touch with him very well. But once we can get in contact I am sure that we will be able to make that covenant of baptism with Heavenly Father. 

Then early this week we got a call from some missionaries. They told us that one of the missionaries ate a tree nut. He is allergic to tree nuts. So we hurried to their apartment to see what little help we could offer. We got there and called the mission doctor. He headed right out to see how he could help. By the time that the doctor got there the missionary was having trouble breathing and sounded like an old man who has smoked for 40 years. The mission doctor to one look at him and said that we have to go to the hospital asap. So they got in his car and I followed him. I was going at high speeds just to keep up with him. It was a pretty crazy ride weaving through traffic. But we got to the hospital and they treated him and he is doing much better. It seemed to be pretty close. Too close for me, but every one is all right. 

Then during the week I had a few thoughts that I felt I should right down. 
Thoughts of The Week

Raise a Voice of warning.

We talked to this guy on the street named Leonard. He. Was an older gentleman who was going to the storee when we talked with him. He stopped on his way to talk to us. We tried to relate how going to the store is like getting fed physically. We asked him what he does to be able to get fed spirtually. He said that he likse to read the Bible. We were like, "Oh yeah we like that!" 

As we started to ask him question about how he looks to prophets we posed the question "Does God still have prophets today?" He said no. But as we were able to talk with him he seemed sincere about what he believed but it was just hard for me to understand about how he believes that God once has prophets but doesn't have any anymore. So as we talked with him this was the first time that I had a conversion with someone on the street that didn't turn into a Bible-Bash. But a really good discussion. I hope that we were able to raise a voice of warning for him that he might be able to some day pick up the Book of Mormon and have some sincerity and real intent when he reads it.

Jesus knows what we are going through. 

We went and saw this less active named "TJ." He is. Really cool young man who is trying to quit smoking. As we talked he talked about his struggles of wanting to play football and not being able to. Then he talked about how he is trying to give up smoking, but it is so hard for him to do that. I could not relate to him because I have never had a challenge like that. But I sure know of someone who is living and breathing just like I am living and breathing. That is Jesus Christ. He knows what we are all going through. As Elder Yorgason and I testified that the Savior knos what challenges he faces I had a feeling of peace go over that I didn't need to know what he is going through. Just the fact that Jesus is there and He will always be there is enough for me. I love and testify that the Savior lives. He know you and me on a personal level and always wants the best for us. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able have this knowledge and I will be forever grateful for His sacrifice.

I hope you all have a great week! Let me know if I can do anything for you!

Elder Berry


Monday, September 4, 2017

September 4, 2017

Hello Everyone,

This week has been a hot week! The first way that it has been hot is there was a few days that it has been 110 degrees or more. Then it has been kind of muggy. It good to have a change from the semi cold winter. Summer is a time where there is a a lot of growth in the crops and things that we eat so we need to have the summer. This week flew by. I can't believe that it is pday again! We have been super busy. From the many appointments we have, we talk so long that we are late for our next appointments.  But that's one things that we are really trying to work on is
not just being on time but being a few minutes early to things so that we aren't running to everything.

But this week we were able to go and do a lot of team ups with some missionaries. That is so fun to be able to work with some great missionaries. I get the chance to learn so much from them. There are a lot of things that you can learn from some one if you just take the time to listen. On one of the team ups I was back in the ghetto. But it was different this time because I had already spent most of my mission the ghetto. I actually kind of missed the ghetto and was super grateful to have the chance to be back in there for a few hours.

We had a mission tour this week. Elder Hugo E. Martinez came to the mission. I got to go to a MLC and listen to him talked about obedience. One thing that he said that I really like is "Obedience is a measure of love for our Heavenly Father." I never thought of that as an expression of love. It's truly cool to see as your knowledge grows that you are able to increase in your patience and love for different things. The more you understand the more that you want to do what is right because you understand the principle of why you do something instead of the requirement of doing something.

Then President Hymas talked about how we need to follow spiritual promptings. We read D.C. 50:10-20 or so. He really focused on vs 14. Really showed how important it is that we not only do things by the Spirit for missionary work but also in life. It was really cool and the spirit was extremely strong.

After MLC he interview a handful of missionaries. And I was one of the missionaries chosen. That was a crazy experience to get to spend 15 minutes talking about goals in life, family, and the thing that he wanted me to share with all of you is how grateful he is for all that you do is being great people. He sends his love as well the love of the
prophet. He told me to always involve the Lord in my efforts. He said look at all people who are happy in life. Not just worldly happy but truly happy with where they are at. He said that those people are
people who involve the Lord in ALL the things that they do.

I hope you all have a great week! It great to hear that life is going well.

Oh p.s. I got to see Elder Anderson this week! That was fun!


Elder Berry


August 29, 2017

Hello Everyone,

This week has been crazy. Transfers have come and I have been transferred to the Elk Grove Zone. I will be serving in the Consumers River YSA Ward. My new companion is from Logan Utah. Elder Yorgason is awesome. I am lucky to have him as my companion. We are going to be super busy and will be able to see a lot of great things transfers.

It was hard to say goodbye to the diamond Springs Ward but it's going to be fun to be able to meet a lot of new people and see what Heavenly Father has in store for me this transfer.

Before I got to leave I got to go and help this guy move who is heading to Hope, Idaho. He was pretty excited about the move. He like that he will have more land to do thing things that he wants to. He was really excited about the hunting and the fishing up in Idaho. Once he found out he was asking me a ton of questions about it and I tried to answer them but since they are going to be on another side of the state I couldn't tell him all of the things he could do up there.

We had an awesome lesson with an investigator named Edward yesterday. We taught him about faith and it was a super fun lesson to see him grow and be able to learn more by watching seeing his testimony grow. While we were talking with him he told us that over the next week and a half that he
is going to be biking down to Los Angeles. So that's going to be pretty crazy. He was telling us that it's about a day and a half bike ride. Hopefully he is able to make it there safely and nothing bad happens.

Other then getting settled into the apartment and getting to know the new ward life is going good for me. It's great be be back in Elk Grove. I was here almost exactly one year ago and it's cool to see how
people have changed and what things have happened since then.

Elder Berry

Monday, August 21, 2017

August 21, 2017

Hello Everyone,

This week has gone by really fast. To start transfers are coming up next week so I won't email until Tuesday. I don't know if I will stay or if I will get transferred. A lot is up in the air right now but it doesn't matter because Heavenly Father is in control.

But last Monday we had a zone activity where we to a members house and played games and just had a fun time. Our mission President and wife came and that was really cool to see them doing something else than missionary work. You don't get to see that side of mission presidents very often.

Then we got to go to Nashville again. Yes it is still in the mission. It is just a little town way out in the middle of nowhere. But there was a lot happening this week. A lot of driving. It can be hard to cover 3 wards that are over such a big geographical area, but it is so amazing to meet some cool people.

On Sunday, a high councilor talked and he talked about how we need to be grateful when we get served by people. He used an example when parents do everything for the kids the kids tend to not be very grateful for what they have been given. But when they start to see how much they are loved and how much they do for there kids the gratitude starts to increase. It's so cool to see examples in life when people gain understanding being grateful. That is why so many people change when they read the Book of Mormon. It brings on a change of heart. Once you get that change of heart things tend to go up from there. I know that the Book of Mormon will bring that change of heart
if we will only read. If you are not I would encourage you all to read it!

I hope you all have a great week.

Elder Berry

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

August 14, 2017

Hello everyone,

I hope that you have all had a good week. This week has been pretty fun. A lot of cool things have been happening and it just so cool to see the hand of the Lord in so many people lives. To start we had zone Conference, that was super cool. We were able to talk about how the Book of Mormon answers the questions of the soul. We were challenged as a mission to start reading the Book of Mormon as a mission to find answers to people's questions so that we will be able to answer them. I am excited about that challenge. It should be really fun to become a familiarize with the scriptures.

Then last pday we got to go gold panning after I had emailed. It was really fun. The place we went is above Placerville on the American River. It was a really cool place to be in. It is so beautiful around the river. But I have to say that I don't think that I could make a career out of gool panning. We found some gold but after about two
hours of trying to find it we only found a few gold flakes. I think that I would starve if I was a gold panner. So on the bright side I can cross gold panning off of my possible job career list.

Then we have been working with this recent less active member of the church. As we have met with her and left chapters for her to read she has read them. It has been so cool to see her testimony grow and to be able to strengthen it where she feels comfortable at church. It is  amazing that someone has a concern about something in the church but as they start to read the Book of Mormon that concern it either answered or resolved by some way. Just because someone decided to read the Book of Mormon. It is so cool to see the power behind the Book of Mormon. I can't believe that one book has that much power but, I have definitely seen the power have an influence on my life.

I hope that you all have a great week!


Elder Berry

Saturday, August 12, 2017

August 7, 2017

Hello Everyone,

This week has just flown by. Covering 3 wards and a Spanish group keeps you very busy. But it is so much better to be busy working hard then having to find things to do. After a few lessons in Spanish, I come home and realize I don't have the gift of tongues. I have absolutely no idea what is going on in the Spanish lessons. But that is ok because the Spirit is there and is able to make up the difference through some people's broken language.

We were able to go to the Georgetown Ward and we went to this place called Volcanoville. While we were driving,  there were some trees that were so dense that you would not be able to walk passed them. But we were able to get some cool pictures and talk to a family who is moving in the area and offered our help in moving them and they accepted. Pretty cool that we are going to be able to help them move.

We were able to meet with this guy named Jeff. He is super cool and seemed to have his testimony grow every time that we meet with him. It can be a slow process but he sure seems have a stronger testimony as he has been reading the Book of Mormon.

As we were driving we saw some blackberries and just had to pull over and pick some! They were BERRY good, yes BERRY good.

Have a great week.

Elder Berry

Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017

Hi Everyone!

This has been an interesting week. I am now in a trio and it is definitely different. But it is good to be able to have a 3rd companion to learn from and to help me become a better missionary. My new companion name is Elder Richins. He is from Taylor, Utah and goes home in October. We probably will only be in a trio for the rest of August. But I am excited to see what miracles we see in the coming month.

It was my other companions birthday on Sunday so we were able to celebrate that and it was fun to be able to see him have a good birthday. We all should have good birthday. At least once a year to where we can looked back and see how blessed we have been with the people who are around us.

But we had a lesson with a family that we have been working with and it has been cool to see their growth. This Thursday we are going to go on a temple tour and try to extend a baptismal invitation to the family. We are super excited to see what happens this Thursday. I will try to remember how it goes and to write about it.

But there is not a lot of experiences that come to my mind for this week. We just spent s lot of time trying to figure living arrangements out with the trio and working all of that out. I now cover 3 wards so life is going to get really busy over the next month but it will be good because it will just help time to by faster.

I hope that you all have a great week!

Elder Berry

Thursday, July 27, 2017

July 24, 2017


It was another great week here. A lot of great this are happening. A lot of people came to church which was super awesome to see. One person who came to church was a man by the name of Tom. I met Tom a couple months ago. He is a less active member who has not been to church in quite a few years. When we first met him we challenged him to start reading the Book of Mormon at lease one chapter a day. Then he got busy with his summer plans and we lost contact for about 6 weeks until we saw him again last Friday. We asked him how the reading has been going and he said that he had just
finished the book of Jacob. I was like wow that is a long streak to be reading the Book of Mormon. We asked him if he had noticed any changes in him self and Tom said "I think I am a better person because of it." Then his wife agreed very strongly. It was just really cool to see how The Book of Mormon can change us for the better. Even if it is just reading one chapter a day. There is so much power in the Book of Mormon that all we have to do is open it and it will hang us for the better.

Then it has been fun to get to know Elder Burrows. You learn a lot from each companion that you have and I have already learned a lot from him. As I have been on my mission I have come to learn that no matter how much you know there is someone else who knows something that you don't. All you have to do is humble yourself and let them teach you what has blessed there lives.

But this week has been really fun. We have been catching people at home that I haven't been able to catch since I have been here. We have started working with this investigator named James. He is a super cool guy and who says he is a fighter for God and does not really believe in any one religion. It was cool to see as we talked about the Book of Mormon that it started from I won't be a member to I will join if that's what God wants me to. It so amazing to see how much power the Holy Ghost has on softening people hearts.

Well I hope all of you have a great week. Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you!!

Elder Berry

July 18, 2017

Hello everyone,

Transfers have come and I am staying in the same ward for at least another 6 weeks. My new companion is Elder Burrows from Utah. He has been on his mission for about 4 months. It should be a really fun transfer. I can't wait to see what the lord has in store for us and what great things are going to happen in this area this transfer.

It was sad to say good by to Elder Pearson since we were together for so long but all things happen for a reason. But this last week we were able to go out with a youth in our ward named Kyle. He has gotten his mission call to Washington DC North Mission. So he has been coming out with us for a while so he can be as prepared for his mission as possible. Really cool because one night that he went out with us we went and taught a lesson to a less active member. And Heavenly Father has really been working with her to help her be prepared to come back to church. We were able to talk with her about the Plan of Salvation because she has had a recent death in the family. She seemed to believe in the Plan of Salvation but once we assured her that it is the plan that God has for us she seemed to take comfort from that.

This last week I was able to go on exchanges again up into Georgetown and do some missionary work there. We met the ward mission leader who is a really cool guy. He use to play the piano professionally for Ted Nugin. He is really good at the piano. He played for us for about 5 minutes and he shredded the keys on the piano. But the amazing part is he has really thick fingered and that didn't stop him from doing anything cool on the piano. I would send a video of him playing but my iPad can't send videos very well so you will just have to take my word for it.

Hope you have a great week.

Elder Berry

Monday, July 10, 2017

July 10, 2017

Hello everyone,

This week flew by, today we had a zone activity where the missionaries in our zone got to gather for a portion of our pday which was pretty fun. We had every companionship bring food. It was potluck
style breakfast. So Elder Pearson and I had some elk meat that was given to us by our bishop so we decided to do an egg hash brown elk meat combo where we put it all together. But we didn't tell them that it was elk meat. So they all got some of the food and started eating it and we told them that it was elk meat and they were like "I can t believe it's elk meat. They said it taste a whole lot like beef. So after that we played around in the gym a little bit then we left and now I am emailing.

Next week we will have transfers. Elder Pearson has been her for 6 months so it is highly likely that he will be getting transferred. So I won't be emailing until Tuesday next week because of transfers. But I really don't know who my new companion will be if if Elder Pearson gets transferred because you can't predict the will of the Lord, or at least I can't.

Then for the 4th of July we went to a our 4th of July part that out Ward put together. That was pretty fun nothing to exciting happened there. After that at 7 pm we had to be at the church building for training. The reason that we had a training from 7-9 pm is because they didn't want the missionaries on the street, to help protect them. So we had a training about following the Spirit. It was really good. We talked about how the Spirit talks to us and how we need to act on the 1st prompting that we receive from the Holy Ghost.

Then on Thursday I got to meet my new mission president and wife. President and Sister Hymas. And they are super cool I really like them a lot. They are really fun. As much as I love President and Sister Jardine, I'm going to love President and Sister Hymas just as much. If you would have to say the biggest difference from President Jardine and President Hymas the only thing I could think of right now would be President Hymas seems a little more causal. That isn't a bad thing or he is loose on the rules. He still has the same expectations as President Jardine but he is more casual in the sense of in a meeting if it is really hot then he will let us take off our suits.

I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Berry

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 3, 2017

Dearest Family and Friends,

Things have been good this week, a lot has happened. On Monday we had a a lesson with a less active member. He is a really good man but he has some Word of Wisdom problems. On Monday we had a really good talk about how everything comes down to the Book of Mormon and if it is true. We ended up having him read D.C. 89 and pray about it. We will go and see how that went for him and if he got his answer. It is just a matter of time before he gets his answer. It is all up to the Lord's time for when he comes back to church.

Then I got to go on a team up with Elder Hatch this week, he was my last companion. We had some real fun. It was just like the good old times when we were companions just a few months ago. We were able to see an investigator who has lost a lot of of loved one and who is just in survival mode and has not really been that happy. So we talked about how joy from the scriptures brings us the most joy. That all she needs in life right now is just some joy from up above.

Then I got to say goodbye to my mission president, President and Sister Jardine last Wednesday. It was bitter sweet. Both of them really have changed my life. It was a really good zone conference. We talked about how Jesus Christ is at the bottom of everything and if it was not for him then we would not be where we are at or be the people that we are today. It is such a blessing that Heavenly is all knowing and knows what is best for us to put us in the best situation for us to succeed.

Then I got to go on a team up into Georgetown. It was really fun, but a lot of driving. It is really cool to see how over the course of my mission that no matter what, the church is true and we are all exactly where we need to be to bless the lives of many. You never now what
impact that you will have on people.

Our new mission president is, President Hymas. Though I am excited to see what President Hymas will bring, I am going to miss President Jardine.  He seems like a super great man. I have not gotten to meet him yet so I will keep you posted on when I do meet him.

I hope you have a great week and all is well with you, remember to stay safe on the 4th.

Elder Berry

Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26, 2017

Hello everyone,

This week has been really fun. We were able to do some service for the Cameron Park people who were putting on fire works. We helped set up on Friday which was pretty fun then the following day we were able help take tickets. I met this really nice guy who is a firefighter. For all those that were helping he offered food and water. After he had left, Elder Pearson and I thought me must be a member by the way he treated us. Following that, through talking with him, we found out he is a member. It's just cool to see that there are a lot of people who are LDS that go out of their way to make sure people are taken care of. Especially when it come to having water at a small event like fire works.

Five months ago as a mission we were given the challenge to read the Book of Mormon marking every time that Jesus Christ speaks or his name is mentioned and any Christ-like attributes mentioned. This week I was able to finish that challenge. I prayed and asked Heavenly if the Book of Mormon is true and I am proud to say that I got my answer and I know that the Book of Mormon is true. It is just so amazing that no matter how many times you read that book you can receive a spiritual witness of of its truthfulness. I hope if you have recently been able to receive that witness that you will start and ask Heavenly and renew your faith of the Book of Mormon.

Then we have a cool investigator who has a couple of old tractors that are pretty cool. They are not running but they are sure cool to look at.

Today we were able to go to Gold Bug Mine. It is an old ore mine that has been shut down for years. It's nothing too big or fancy but it was pretty cool to see how people made a living. Also, to see how difficult it was to see how miners got gems out of the ground. I know why people who work in a mine are always hunched over because you have to hunch over every time that you go into a mine. My back sure was hurting by the time I got out of there and I was not in there for very long.

The place that I am serving in is located right next to an airport. The roads next to the airport are very wide and people are able take off from the road itself because of their size.

I hope you all have a great week and life continues to be full of
miracles and you enjoy life.

Elder Berry

June 19, 2017