Sunday, December 10, 2017

December 4, 2017

Dear everyone,

Happy December! I can’t believe that it’s December already! I know I probably say that time keeps on moving faster and faster each week but it really does. Sorry if it gets old. 

This was a busy week. It started off with a Team Up. I went with Elder Damon. I had the privilege to get back on a bike again. We were able to talk to so many people and give away a lot of Book of Mormons. It is so much easier to talk with people when you are biking. One lady that was pretty cool is we talked to her about what the Book of Mormon was and all that it teaches. She seemed to be down on her lick and be humbled. Her name is Nichole and the lord has seemed to prepare her just like he is preparing so many people in this world to receive the gospel. That was the highlight of the night. Hopefully she will stay in touch with those missionaries and continue to strengthen her faith in Christ. 

Then we had Zone Conference this week! I love Zone Conference!! You always walk away feeling like you can conquer the world!! It’s so true as we turn to the lord for help he will truly help us over come everything. The focus of the Zone Conference was becoming the message. It was one of my favorite Conferences because we focused on sacrifice and what we can offer Christ for all that he has done with. From the Conference I have come to desire to give god my will. Really if you think about it that is really all that we can offer him. He can take our possessions. He can take our family. He can take us from this earth. But the only thing he can’t take but desires most of all from us is a broken heart and a contrite spirit. He just wants us to be happy. The happiest that we can ever be is if we follow him and do his will!

Following Zone Conference we had a couple exchanges. The first exchange I was with Elder Martineau. He is a smart Elder who has great insight about a lot of things. One thing that I learned was no matter what happens you don’t need to stress just trust in the lord and he will continue to lead you along and you will never be led astray! That’s a super comforting thought to me.

I hope that you all have a great week! Remember to #LighttheWorld this Christmas season!!!


Elder Berry

November 27, 2017

Hello Everyone,

This has been a really fast week. Between picking up a new companion to trying to get everything figured out for zone Conference it has been crazy. 

Elder Nelson and I got a new missionary to be companions with. His name is elder Gillins. He is from Las Vegas Nevada. He is waiting for his visa to go and serve in the Philippines. He is a really cool comp and has a lot of insights.

Can I just say that the church is a small world. I ran into a guy named Scotty who served his mission in Idaho. He severed in my aunts Shalaina's Ward a few years back. It was such a small world as we talked about the people that we know and the stories that we were able to tell about the people that we both new.

A member gave us money to go and get something to eat. We decided to go to in and out. We all got really good hamburgers and it was so delicious. We were enjoying our food so much that we spooned realized that we were running out of time for dinner. So we wanted to be good Missionaries and leave on time. As we left and continued on with our day Elder Nelson realized that he had left his iPad at in and out. So about 90 Minutes passed before we were able to go and get it. We were all thinking that his iPad was gone. But when we got there someone saw that it was left and gave it to the employees. It’s just so cool to see that people are still kind hearted and do help other people out.

We had a lot of meeting this week. So there is not a whole lot to tell you about. Oh I guess that we ate thanksgiving this week. We were blessed to have 2 dinners. There are a lot of people who care about the missionaries in the world. I think that everyone in the Elk Grove Zone had more then enough with food and left overs.

Elder Berry

November 20, 2017

Dear Friends,

This week was transfer week. I will be staying in the Consumes River Ward. Elder Nelson will still be my companion and I am super excited. It’s going to be a fun Christmas/ Thanksgiving season.

I was able to attend the baptism of Lawrence. He was someone that some sister have been teaching for a long while. The sisters worked really hard to help him prepare for baptism. They had to help him through a lot of things but he did end up getting baptized.

Then I also for got to say that Elder Nelson and I will be training a new missionary the next couple of transfers. We don’t know who it is. We will pick him up tomorrow. So exciting.

Have a great week

Elder Berry

Saturday, November 18, 2017

November 13, 2017


This week was a really fun/fast week. To start off transfers are coming up in a week so I will keep you posted on what happens with that. I don’t know what will happen but it will be all good because the Lord will be in charge.

We has interviews this week. It’s always good to be able to see President Hymas. We had a good talk about what the whole missionary process and how the Lord works. One thing that he has us think about before the interview was “What is keeping you from being the missionary that the Lord wants us to be?” It was a good review to be able to think as I am closing on my mission.

We had MLC his week which was fun. We really focused on follow up on the things that the mission president has extended to us. It was really cool to see the progress that the mission has made as we are still keeping The commitments that we have been given. Then President Hymas talked about what we need to feel, know and do to be converted to be gospel.

This was a really great week. To finish off the email I want to tell you about an exchange that I was able to go on this week. I went with Elder Henry. As we were talking it turns out that his mom went to Rigby High School and graduated with Micalla Neff. What a small world the gospel.

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Berry

November 6, 2017

Hello Everyone,

This was a fast week. It just seemed like I blinked and it was gone. We started off the week by doing some service for this member named Brother Henry. We helped trim some of his trees that needed to be trimmed for a while. He has Parkinson’s disease and he really can’t do a lot for himself. It was really cool to talk with him. He talked about all of the different places that he has been in life and all the experiences he has had in life. He talked about when he lived in North Dakota that he went deer hunting all of the time. He said that he went dear hunting that he would come home with 6 deer. That crazy to think about when my family goes hunting that we can barely get one some times.

The. I was on exchanges with an Elder Allen. We had a hard time catching people home pretty much the whole day, but we decided to try and see a recent convert and he wasn’t home. We were able to talk with his brother and get a return appointment for today. We are really excited about that.

This Halloween we were all together as a zone for a training. The training was very fun. We talked a lot about unity and how when we are unified that we can do all things through Jesus Christ.

I gave my first District Meeting this week. One of the District Leaders was not able to be there for District Meeting so it fell on me to have something for the missionaries to learn about. I think it was good at least that’s what all of the missionaries said.

Then last thing from this week is we were on a team up and we went and went to teach a lesson with this lady named Lindsey. The lesson started off really well. She started off the lesson by saying I prayed about the Book of Mormon and I know that it is true. It was a really cool experience to hear how she got her answer to know if the Book of Mormon is true. But at the end of the lesson she accepted to be baptized on December 2. That is really exciting for her.

Have a great week.

Love Elder Berry


October 30, 2017


This week was a really busy week. It was good I was blessed to go on 3 exchanges. To start I went with Elder Cook. We went up to the local collage and did some college, contacting. It’s fun being able to talk with people who are trying to figure out what they believe. They are really open to learning things. They may not be open to taking the lessons but they are definitely not stuck in their ways and are willing to try new things. This can be good and bad. The good part is they want to more because they are curious but they just want to know because they are curious. They don’t always have the real intent that you would hope that some one would have. 

Then I got to go on an exchange with Elder Pierson. This is not the same Elder Pierson as my former companion, but he is still pretty cool. He serve part of his mission in England so he told me some pretty cool stories about when he was over there. We also went to the college campus to talk with people. We talk to this girl who is from Italy. She is super nice and would hear us out. We had a good conversation about how god is their. She grew up around a lot of Catholic and said she is Catholic by association only. She doesn’t really believe that there is a God or at least she doesn’t care to find a relationship with him right now. But she is pretty nice.

To finish up the exchanges I went with Elder Pennington. It was really fun. I had been on exchanges with him before so it was Elder Barry “N” Pennington back together one last time before he goes home. We had a lot of things that we talked about. One thing that we talked about is that it’s not the mission that changes us but it’s the atonement that does change us. On the mission is just a time that we really can turn to the Lord and let him shape us. And he has changed a lot.  I hope that I can say the same.

This coming week I am going to be in a trio companionship. That’s going to be fun. Elder Henry is the 3rd member to the Alastair team and I am excited to learn a lot from him.

I hope that you all ha e a great week!!!

Elder Berry

You made it!!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

October 23, 2017

Hello Everyone,

This has been a really fast and fun week. We had a really busy week and I am very tired so you will have to excuse anything that does not make sense.

To start we started by going on a team up with a couple of Elders. A team up is when you go with another missionary for a few hours. I went with Elder Martineau . He has been on his mission for about 6 Months. The area that he is serving  pretty rural. We started off the night by trying to track down a referral for a member. But him being new in the area and I never really have been in their area before we got lost and spent a good while trying to find where they lived. By the time that we had got there the house looked like everyone was asleep. We didn’t feel it would be a good idea to go and knock on because people would have just gotten mad at us for getting to there house so late. So we went and saw a convert of a few years and set up a time for them to come aback and teach some of 5e new member lessons. It was good to be out with Elder Martineau and learn a little form him.

Them I got to go on a team up with Elder Edgington. We were able to hit the bikes for a few hours and talk with some people. We talked to this guy named B.J. A really nice man but he doesn’t believe in god. He asked us how we are so successful and we said we could come back but he didn’t really want us to come back. He was convertible in his life. Most people are comfortable in life so they don’t think that they really need anything else in life. But we went to one of their Progressing Investigators and and talked about seeking first the kingdom of god 1 Nephi 13:33. We invited her to pray about baptism and she said that she would pray about it. That was a really exciting night.

We got a call from this lady asking help to move this Hoarder. It was horrible. It was probably one of the worst houses I ha e ever moved. I looked inside her fridge just to see what it was like. One breath in and look inside I start to through up. It was so nasty. Sorry I didn’t get any pictures. But it was so back that you could Bailey walk into the front door. Hopefully they will be able to get all of the stuff gone soon and they will get everything done.

We had Zone conference this week. It was focused on teaching the restoration and getting back to the basics. It was really good. We really went through the time line of the restoration and apostasy how ever thing played out in years. When you have a foundation based on Christ you can really start to understand the small details of how the little things happened. I got to see Elder Anderson there whatcha was so good to see him. 

To finish up the week I went on an exchange with Elder Snow. We both came out together and this was my second Exchange with his and it was really fun. We went to this former investigator's house named Marquis. A really cool guy. We invited him to be baptized and he agreed to, but he will ha e to come to church first. That was his big problem why he wasn’t baptized last time so hopefully he will be i in a place to where he can be baptized and he wants to come to church!

I hope you all have a great week! Continue to hold strong there is light at the end of the tunnel!!

Elder Berry