Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25, 2016

Hello everyone, 

Another week has come and gone and it has gone too fast.

So many people do not believe that I was hit by a car. I promise that I was and I am sorry that I did not tell the story so I will tell you the story now. I was riding my bike on kinda of a busy street. There is a lot of side streets on this busy street so I would try to slow down before I would cross the the side street. So on this one street it kinda has a blind corner so I kept slowing down but I saw this lady driving and she was going really fast. I knew that she was not going to stop so I slammed on brakes and when I stopped my tire was in like the rain gutter. She was going to run the stop sign and she was looking to make sure that there was no traffic coming and she was not looking toward my way. By this time I knew that I was going to get hit and I was able to brace myself and get both feet on the ground. So the front of her car hit my front tire. And I used my athletic ability to side step so as my bike went to the ground that I did not. I was so blessed that the lady stopped when she did because if she had kept going then I would have more than likely got drum with my bike. So right now I am using a loner bike until this handy man in my mission can try to fix my tire. If he can't fix my tire than it will just have to by a new bike tire. The rest of my bike is fine just the tire got bend from the initial hit by the car. I was so blessed because I did not even hit the ground. I know that the Lord is looking out for me and has been where I have had a few close calls. But I won't get into those because I don't want to scare you guys. It's not as bad as it sounds.

The corner that I got hit at
Last Sunday I was asked to give a 20 minute talk by bishop. My topic was retain a remission of your sins by Elder Bednar. That is a super great talk. I would like to recommend you all to go and read it. Other than that Sunday was nice because I got to partake of the sacrament.

Monday we got to go shopping we do all of our shopping at Walmart. The 1st week I spent all of my money so I have had to make sure that I really plan out how much food that I can eat so I have enough at the end of he month. So I basically go to Walmart as a fun experience because I can't buy anything. Brother Winchester gives us rides when ever we need them he just sits around his house waiting for us to call time we called him and he did not answer and he did not get back to us because he was helping this homeless man move down the state a few hours because he is a consecrated man.

On Tuesday we met a man by David. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he would like to talk to us latter so we set up a return appoint meet with him a few days latter he seemed like a really good man we just didn't know if he is one of the elect people who are ready to be baptized.

We also had the new missionary meeting where I got to see all of my old MTC buddies. It was so fund to see them and to see president Jardine. We learned about the trust box witch is basically the lord trusting us with iPads and we should use them for missionary work and make sure that we don't get distracted by them.

On Wednesday we had a chance o do personal interviews with president. So far to that point I felt that I really did not know president that well but when I started to talk to him it was like he was my best friend. He know of my concerns and of my goals. I did not realize how much he knows about me.

Then at the end of the day we were riding our bikes home and we stopped at this old investigators house that was dropped because he was not keeping commitments and we started to talk to him and he seems super said and said that he wants to meet with us again and he said he would read the Book of Mormon. Super good things about Michael.

On Thursday we went back to see David. He is this really nice guy who we gave a Book of Mormon to. When we talked to him he had read it that night that we had given it to him. He told us that the book was true and that he believes that our church is true and he wants to meet with us again.

We also met with this referral from the Spanish elders. His name is Donell. After the 1st lesson he said e would not smoke any more and he has not since we had last met with him. He will probably get baptized in the middle of August. He is probably the closest to getting baptized. I am so excited for him.

Friday was pretty long. We got to go on a long ride with Bro W. He drove us around because we had a lot of referrals that we had to go and see so we did not get to see many of the because they were not home. I think we spent about 2 hrs in the car with him.

I have really come to love listening to MO TAB. I love it so much it invites the spirit to be with us stronger as we get ready and study for the day.

On Saturday we worked on a lot of referrals in the furthest part of our area. So we did a lot of biking. It was really hot. I think the avg temp 104. It is suppose to be hotter next week in like the 110 range. I am not looking forward to that but I hope that I can make it through it.

There was also a picnic for Pioneer Day. That was fun I got to meet a lot of the Ward out side of church but it was fun.

So today was finally the day that I got to give my 20min talk. But I guess I lucked out or something because there was a seminary teacher that spoke before me and she spoke for 45 minutes and I only had time to bear my testimony. I think she likes the sound of her own voice because she would not stop talking. It was good to partake of the Sacrament again and renew my convents.

My favorite quote so far in this mission

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