Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 11, 2016

Hello everyone,

California is not that hot. It has been right around the 100's. The members are really great here. I got my 1st flat tire on day 3. In my area there is a lot of glass every where. So we could not go everywhere we wanted to go because it takes about an hour to bike across our area and if we had to walk than it would like take 4 hrs.

There is not a lot of youth in our ward. People move out a lot because they want to live in a safer area. So it's hard to have support from the members because it's hard for them to get support. But the people that are here really try to help us any way they can. There is this one man named Bro W. He is retired and he just sits around all day waiting for the missionaries to call him so we can get a ride from him. He loves giving us a ride but we try not to get one from him to often because we don't want to take advantage of him.

We went on a blitz to help out some elders in our zone and we were preaching by the way to all of the houses that they wanted us to go to and we stopped and talked to this man smoking weed. He went by D. He was a really to cool guy but he didn't believe in religion because he feels that religion was invented to oppress the black people in America. That was an experience.

I have come to learn the law of compensation. It is so cool to see the Lord working in our days and guiding us to people that want to listen to the message that we have to share. I love going on blitzes they are so cool. We get to just ride bikes and try to bring the light of Christ into the lives of the people that we see.

Last week we had 3 people on date but we had to drop 2 of there dates because they were struggling with the word of wisdom. But we still have one person on date. His date is set for the 23 and we think that he will be able to make it.

My companion is super cool. He keeps me busy with everything that we try to do and never have enough time to do anything but it is all good.

Love you all hope things are going great. Until next week.

Elder Berry

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