Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 18th, 2016

Well hello everyone

I got hit by a car on Wednesday. I am ok but my bike is not. You can see a picture below.

I learn so much here and I can't tell everyone all that I am learning. The Spirit is so strong here. I have loved it here. In my first 2 weeks here I love being able to see and talk to people. Time flies super fast here. I can barley remember what happens earlier in the morning.

The hours in the mission was pretty easy to get use to. My days are filled with studying, then lunch, then we try to be out seeing people by 1. After we teach or do anything that the Lord wants us to do.

I have been on 2 exchanges. They were both really fun. One of them was with one of the zone leaders. I learned a lot from him.

A blitz is where like 6 missionaries go into an area and try to find some new investigators for the missionaries struggling in that area.

My companion is super good. I do all of the cooking because he is busy working out because he is a body builder.

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