Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September 27, 2016

Hello everyone,

Sorry about last week something went wrong with sending the email but I did send one. I am sorry that it did not get there.

But any ways transfers did come and I did get transferred. I am now in a different area. My companion went to Hillcrest High School. So it was cool to get to know him and talk about good old Idaho. Anyways my new area is a lot nicer than my old one. There is not near as many homeless people or sketchy areas. The few members that I have met I have really like and think I am going to like this area.

Right now I am in a car area because Elder Jeffs recently broke his arm so we have it till his arm gets all healed up. After this transfer Elder Jeffs goes home back to Idaho. He is pretty excited to be going home.

It's was pretty hard saying goodbye to all of the members in the last ward I was assigned to. There's some really good people there and I am going to miss them. This transfer we have interviews with President Jardine and I am way excited for that because he always gives me such profound advice.

Then, in last weeks email, I sent a picture of some turkeys that roam the streets of Sacramento. Those birds are all over the place. I don't know if they would taste good because of all of the gross things that they eat because they are in the city.

Then one of the last nights that Elder Carroll and I were biking home 3 raccoons came out of nowhere and really scared Elder Carroll. But they stopped because he was yelling because he was pretty scared of them.

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