Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12, 2016


This week has been a great week. A lot of things have happened. First to start I would like to talk about how much biking was done this week. I think this week we did between 70-80 miles. It wasn't hard by any means but I never really calculated how much I really bike in a week. That's a lot of biking. But any ways it is fun to bike because I get to talk to more people and you have to be more effective when your planning so you aren't biking more than you have to.

We had zone conference this week. That was way fun. The spirit was so strong and I got to see my old MTC comp and roommate. It's always fun to see other missionaries. I got to put a lot of names to faces because everyone talks about certain missionaries but I don't know who they are talking about until now. When we were singing a song to open up we were sing a primary song and we all knew the first verse. But for the second and third we did not, except for the chorus. So a lot of times everyone would be humming because no one knew the words to the song so that was funny.

Then in church we were singing some really slow paced songs and this lady that I was sitting next to thought it should be sung faster so see stated to see really loud and faster than everyone else. It really
threw me off. I was unable to make out if I was singing with her tempo or with everyone else. I think I was some where in between. Just bouncing back and forth.

Other than that we have been doing the same old. No really exciting stories that I can tell. Sorry about that I hope this letter brings you joy!!!

Oh yeah our mission will be the front page of the ensign in December of this year just to give everyone a heads up. Heave a great week!!

Love Elder Berry

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