Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August 8, 2016

Zone Conference

Hello everyone,

Man this has been an interesting week. I went to a few dinners at some members house. At one members house they were talking and ask were I was from. So I said Southeast Idaho. And they were like oh I am sorry. They did not say that but I could see it on there face. Then my companion says he is from Hawaii and they light up and act super interested and they talk about Hawaii for like 20 minutes. Then there like what's Idaho like and say really cool. I tell them a few things than high schools came up and how I went to a mostly white school. Then asked me if coming to Sacramento was a shock because there are so many international marriages. I said no but was think that they must think that I must be a super racist from being from Idaho. I was blown away that people think that people from Idaho are so closed minded.

Then what worse is a few night later I went to an other dinner and I again said I was from Idaho and the member said oh you must have grown up on a farm. I said no and told her what my parents did for a living. Than later that night she mentioned that I must be really good at farming because I grew up on a farm. So I just went with it because it is not worth fighting what people think I have done in my life.

I finally got my bike tire back from getting fixed from a member. I am glad to have my bike back. I have been using a members bike and it is way to small but I had no other option but to ride it. I am so happy to have my bike back.

I finally memorized the First Vision. I have been working on it for like a week and that's all I really do in my free time. But know when we are in lessons that I can saying it with out messing up. So I get to give it in front of the whole district at our next district meeting on Thursday. Hopefully I will be able to say with out messing up. I am now working on memorizing 3 Nephi 5 13. Hopefully I will learn that fairly quickly.

I got to go on a team up with the assistants this last week. That was fun. We went on the most dangerous part of our area so they could experience my area to the fullest. It was fun I was able to learn a lot from Elder Gammel. He taught me so many things about how to do a street contact and to help people soften there hearts and make them more willing to talk to us.

On Friday we got to talk to a guy who spoke with really big words and knew a lot of big words. I feel that he spent most of the time explaining what he was saying so that we could understand him. He was a really nice guy. I learned words like magnanimous and edifice or something like that. That was very interesting and expounding my thinking on how I can talk to people.

Oh one more thing I was talking to this guy at church. He is a real older guy and knows a lot and he told me several stories about how he followed promptings and said he stopped a guy from killing him self. So my challenge to you ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR PROMPTINGS. I know that if you do this than you be blessed beyond measure.

Love Elder Berry

Senior missionaries in my district

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