Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28, 2016

Hello everyone!!!!

This week has been full of fun things that have happened. To start off the week we started with exchanges. I went with a new missionary in my area and it was good. He is still learning the ways of the missionary but he has really learned a lot. That was Elder Perry. He is from Brighton, Utah. It was really fun being with him but like all things the exchange came to an end.

Then we had some member give us some steaks. So we cooked those up on Wednesday. I had a chuck style steak and it was really good. It was a fun night though. 

Christmas is going to be really fun this year. When we are biking around there are a lot of cool christmas light up all ready and its fun to be able to see them all.

We had a really good Thanksgiving. We got a lot of left overs that we have been giving to all of the other missionaries. We had a member that instead of feeding us they spent like $150 on groceries for us. It was way cool of him to do that.

Then I don't know if you heard about the church Christmas push but I am way excited for it. It really helps us remember the true meaning of Christmas. It really helps us to turn out and if you don't know about it I would go to and check it out. It is really cool.

Then Elder Duncan went to a baptism on Saturday. So I had to go with like 3 different members until he got back. It was really hard to make three different schedules work, but it all worked out in the end.

Then our investigator named David is going to be getting baptized on December 17 and we are super excited for that. He truly is prepared.

Then I got a Christmas tree from home all set up for a missionary's Christmas. It is a Charlie brown tree for sure.

Love, Elder Berry

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