Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October 17, 2016

Hello everyone,

There has been a lot of rain over the weekend. And I got to bike the whole time it was raining. But it was super fun biking in the rain. I mean once you get all of the way soaked it pretty fun. Every time that I went into a house I left water footprints as my shoes would release all of the water as I put pressure on them. Then it would only soak in part of the water as i was taking the weight off my shoe as I was walking.

I was on exchanges this week and was with Elder Toki the whole time it rained. He came from a full car area so he was not very happy about having to bike in the rain. But it was way fun to be on an exchange with him. We ran in to this Chinese man who really hates Obama and Hillary clinton. He ranted about how they are blind and how they are not catholics. Then we told him that we are not catholics and than he started calling us blind. He didn't speak very good english so it was really hard to understand him. He reminded me of Yoda. Hunched over in his back hopping around and really was not happy at all.

We had stake conference this last Sunday. It's weird being in this new area because I really don't know the members that well. In the 4 weeks I have only been to normal church one time because of general conference and stake conference. Then during stake conference I found out that the ward that the I hardly know is now getting bigger because they switched the ward boundaries. So there will be even more people at church that I don't know. So hopefully i learn the people of the ward fast.

Then my companion goes home on November 5. And he had his departing interview already. Its crazy to thing i have almost been in my new area for almost 4 weeks. I am surprised on how he is not getting distracted by going home. But the day is coming fast where I will be getting a new companion.

Besides the rain and the exchange and not having many progressing investigators, life is good in the this ward in the stake in Sacramento California!!!

I hope you all have a great week!!!

Love, Elder Berry

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