Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016

Well it's another glorious week in California. The weather has been absolutely amazing. It's not that hot and there is a really nice cool breeze that comes in from the delta. Super nice.

We went to an Octoberfest that our Ward was doing and one of the older woman in the Ward slipped and fell. It was bad. They had to call the ambulance because she thought she had broken her hip and she did. So the fire department brought a fire truck and an ambulance. So that why we took a picture in front of the fire truck. She had the worst luck with her health. She just finish fighting cancer for the 3rd time and she broke her hip super sad.

Then we have been working with this investigator. Super cool lady. She said that she would go to a baptism. To make sure she went there we made sure we were working in that area so we could go by her house to remind her about the baptism. We did remind her and she had made other plans that night so she did not go. It's pretty frustrating but it must not be her time to get baptized any time soon.

Other than that it it has been a pretty good week. We really had a good week in the work. This area has a lot better retention than my last area so it's super good.

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